How does our process work?

We have a 9 step process that we use to
build, launch and grow your brand.

Go ahead, look at it. That’s why we put it here.

First we endeavor to understand what you already know; you’re the expert and we need your knowledge. Then we discover additional information to fill in the gaps and uncover information you may not know. With over 30 years of brand development and industry knowledge, we can identify what makes your brand special – both the obvious and not so much.

The more we know, the more we can do.

What do you walk away with?
At the end of Discovery, we’ll give you a two page document that details everything we covered. It’ll include a 4C and SWOT analysis.

brandbuildingOnce we know the environment your brand will live in, we can work on building a solid foundation. We’ll craft a blueprint for your brand that shows each component within it. Consider this your brand’s structural framework, its foundation, its architecture. It’ll even guide future business decisions. We’ll laminate it.

What will you get at the end of Phase 2?
You’ll get a Brand Blueprint specifically for your business. It’s a one page document that has all the important pieces of your business included.

With a solid foundation of who the brand is, we can move forward in figuring out which capabilities/competencies need to be created or strengthened to deliver your overall business objectives. We’re talking about business and marketing capabilities.

What does this phase put in your hands?
Our Business Schematic is a two page document that identifies all key activities required to deliver value to your consumers.

relaunchKnowing who you are and what you need to do to (re) launch and achieve success is crucial, but without a model to implement those plans, your brand is going to stay on the ground. Our (Re) Launch Model focuses on and lays out the strategies needed to reach your objectives and goals.

What’s delivered?
The actual Launch Model itself. It’s a strategic document that links the Blueprint and the Schematics together. It’s tight, focused and goal oriented.

marketingmapThere comes a time when tactics need to be chosen to meet goals. Our Marketing Maps are highly detailed and focused on the marketing strategies developed to reach your brand’s objectives.

What can you expect to get from this phase?
You’ll get an overall, 9 month integrated Marketing Map. It’ll incorporate every relevant map you need (and those are based on your media needs, of course).

All the groundwork for creating your brand has been done, but there are certain visual components you’ll need to be ready for launch. Even though we’re not a creative agency, we’re experts when it comes to creative management. We’ve analyzed thousands of creative pieces, so we know what to look for. We can identify and set you up with the creative team that best fits your brand. This includes branding, television, websites and visual identity.

What does this phase provide you with?
This is where you’ll get everything that most people think of when it comes to ‘branding.’ You’ll see a series of creative briefs designed to manage and inspire asset development. These direct things such as website design, social content, logos, etc.

(Re) Launch time. Finally. Once we’ve finalized plans for launch built inside the (Re) Launch Model, we can turn on the ignition. We manage all aspects of launch. You don’t always need to be first to market, but you do need to be right to market.

What can you expect from Brand Ignition?
You’ll be in the hands of experienced brand managers who have launched successful brands before. You can add yours to the list.

During our Brand Management phase, we act as mission control. We evaluate and manage all aspects of the brand to ensure we are meeting goals and objectives. We continuously adjust course because marketplace dynamics (ex. competitive pressures, consumer trends and economic shifts) are constantly changing.

What will you see during this phase?
You can expect that there will be day to day marketing management and performance analyses.

There is a season for everything, and once you’ve launched successfully, you’ll have the knowledge and the tools to sustain your growth. We’ll hand you everything you need to keep on track, we’ll train you and your staff until they are ready, and we’ll connect you to even more people who can help you along the way.