After a Decade Of Building and Growing Brands For P&G's Tremor; Gary De Jesus & Matt Berning Decided To Apply Their Knowledge To A Few Small Brands & The Results Have Been Talkable. With Our Deep Knowledge & Proven Approach To Brand Development We Have Created YBG Ventures... For Your Brand Growth.


We know business success is not business; it’s personal. You work hard and you care; therefore you take it personally. So do we. We care about our craft.

We believe in brands and not products. We believe every brand can be polished so its true value shines, whether its to consumers, business customers or investors. We believe brands can be “love” brands and not “like” brands. We believe strongly we can help you create a love brand out of almost any brand.

So why do we do this;
“we want people to 'fall in love' with your brand.”
It’s that simple.

Gary De Jesus

Brand Builder
Gary has a very diverse marketing and brand building background; 18 years in P&G Brand Management, 2 years at an Experiential Marketing agency, 3 years as a Professor of Marketing, 7 years in Fashion Retail, 1 year developing a Professional Sports Brand (FC Cincinnati) and 4 years (and counting) in Franchise Brand development has given him many marketing experiences. There is very little in marketing he has not personally touched.

His favorite marketing topics are Word of Mouth Advocacy and Brand Development. He spent 7 years at P&G (Tremor) developing a very deep understanding on how to create customer advocacy and how to ignite word of mouth for new and existing brands.

Rodney D'Souza

Investment Development/ Start-Up Expert
Rodney has spent over a decade working with startups to accelerate and de-risk the innovation process by way of ideation, market validation, competitive research, as well as strategic planning. He has also worked with large organizations in the areas of consumer insight and human-centered design.

Rodney has started and run a top-five ranked University Business Accelerator for high growth startups as well as an international award-winning entrepreneurship center at Northern Kentucky University. Rodney is currently Associate Professor, The Davis Family Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and Managing Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. He is also a fund manager at Cherub Angels – an early stage investment fund.

Matt Berning

Creative Director
Matt is a entrepreneurial brand innovator with 15+ years tending to brands such as P&G, Adidas and Kellogg’s & a 2018 ComSpark Rising Tech Star. My background lies in driving the design and execution of forward-thinking, insight-driven creative campaigns and services. With 15 years of Agency experience and 5 years (and counting) helping startups and small businesses realize their true potential. There is little Matt has not seen, fought through and eventually conquered.

Throughout the creative process Matt constantly pushes technical and creative boundaries to capture the essence of your brand. It is truly an iterative process that leads to something that is meaningful, original and all yours.

Anne Candido

Brand Love Specialist
A 20+ year veteran of P&G, Anne has been a thought-leader and architect in growing brand consideration (the prerequisite to purchase) by cultivating brand love. Through her work on programs like the London 2012 Olympic “Thank You, Mom” campaign and the Cannes award winning Tide Super Bowl Campaigns #BradshawStain and #TideAd, she has a fine-tuned process to help brands dig deep to discover untapped potential that when realized, magnifies brand love impact leading to higher consideration and opportunity for incremental revenue.

Her expertise in defining how brands can maximize influencers and credentialers to create relevancy has resulted in billions of high-impact impressions including: Ellen, Today, GMA, WSJ, NYT, People, HuffPo, Popsugar, SI, ESPN and BabyCenter just to name a few.