The “Holey” Trinity of “Great Creative”

The Brand, The Account Exec,
& The Creative

Matt Berning
Written By:
Matt Berning
Celebrated creative in the advertising industry is often clever and sometimes disruptive but that alone does not make effective creative. As an industry of creative peers this has become what we celebrate as successful; awarded with industry recognition, award ceremonies, glossy magazine spreads, and hailed as “the best” by “expert judges” from the creative industry.

What is not considered is the effects it had on the business and industry it was created for. Did it solve the problem it was developed for? Did it awaken an audience and generate advocacy? I’ve always defined the difference of being an advertising professional and a fine artist by one rule. Artists “Create Art for Art’s Sake” while designers create art for others who cannot, and for a purpose other than their own. With that said often times this is forgotten in the realm of an agency/brand relationship.

As a community of creatives we need to start asking more questions and make sure we have our brands best interest at heart and not our own.

I ask all of you to push to be more involved in strategic meetings with clients; If not to participate at least to listen. So much is lost in translation and your creative minds can open doors that would remain closed if you are not there to knock.

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