You don’t just decide to launch your business.

When it comes to launch time, it’s more than picking a date for when your doors will open. We’ll go through 4 phases to prep for launch before we kick off with Brand Ignition.

What does a launch take?

It Takes Careful Planning
We’ll go through those 4 steps we mentioned above. Using our BUSINESS SCHEMATICS, we’ll find all the essential activity centers your business will need so it can deliver against your brand’s purpose. We’ll use that information as we craft your BRAND LAUNCH MODEL. When we create your brand’s launch model, we’ll lay out and focus on specific objectives and the strategies to reach them. Once we have strategies in place, our MARKETING MAPS target the tactics we’ll use to reach those launch objectives.

It Takes Visuals
Part of those objectives will be creating visuals like logos and graphics, developing websites, etc. We use BRAND ASSET MANAGEMENT to set you up with the right creative agency that fits your business and goals. This phase is what people usually think of as traditional branding. It’s really one step of many.

Then it’s time to launch.

When everything comes together, that’s when we’ll pull the trigger and start BRAND IGNITION. This phase takes about three months to execute through to finish. It’s a time to celebrate. You’ll have come a long way and there’ll still be more to come.