Overview & Challenge

FC Cincinnati (FCC) is a professional soccer team launched August 10, 2015 as an addition to the United Soccer League (USL) for the 2016 season. This case study explores the partnership between YBG Ventures, UPLIFT and FCC to assist the team in the development and launch of the brand.


We created FC Cincinnati’s identity, purpose and benefit statement.

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We created FC Cincinnati’s Brand Launch Model with:

– Go-to-market strategies and financials
– Partnerships, charitable organization relationships and alliances programs and plans
– Three-year financial plan and goals
– Sales and Marketing strategies
– Pricing strategy
– Core competencies
– Public Relations strategy and influencer programs
– Organizational design and execution

We crafted and executed FC Cincinnati’s Marketing Map, which included developing and managing:

Digital and social media programs including:

– Email newsletter program
– Social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
– Website development and content creation. Website created by UPLIFT.

Ambassador advocacy, pub partnership and youth club programs
Promotional pieces for various marketing campaigns such as:

Be The One, Man The Wall, Juggling For the Girls, #NameTheCup

Promoted various public and private team-hosted events:

– Coach appearances
– Player signings
– Tryouts
– Player meet and greets
– Fan experiences

Identified, planned, coordinated and executed the following fan experiences:

AVP, Juggling for the Girls, The Year of FC Cincinnati, High-Value Customer Event and player meet and greets.

Grow & Manage

YBG Ventures Brand Management team identified, collaborated with and managed creative/marketing agencies in order to develop and execute marketing tactics for FC Cincinnati:

Visual Identity

Logo design; print, social and digital graphics; uniform, merchandise design and photography. We helped manage the development of visual and website assets across multiple creative agencies.

Media & Public Relations

Collaborated with media agency to organize multiple events including: Team Launch, Open House, Juggling For the Girls, Tryouts and First 11 Players.

Brand Voyage

We worked to transition roles and responsibilities to FC Cincinnati’s staff so they can drive their own brand.