Just as light passes through a prism and shows the beautiful colors of a rainbow; our purpose is to help brands uncover and display the beautiful aspects that drive growth.


The average person will be exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. We spent many many years understanding how to get the brain to take notice especially through all the communication clutter in the marketplace. Schema disruption, concept blending and unique creative come together to command attention while strategically separating the brand from competitive communications.

Have You Ever Smelled Fox Urine?



It is said that the average attention span is down to 8 secs from 12 secs from years before. Television commercials, although not close be dead, does not have the same benefit it did before. Corporate social media struggles to captivate audiences as consumers are responding more to promotions than brand messaging. There is an art and a science to driving and maintaining customer engagement.


Word of Mouth is the desired action, Advocacy is the desired consumer end state. Word of Mouth is a functional activity; Advocacy is a powerful emotion state. It is so powerful; people overcome natural fears of communication and recommendations. A brand that achieves consumer or customer advocacy is a brand that has developed a deep emotional connection with a bond that is incredibly difficult to break. Understanding the fundamental principle of Advocacy development can help brands create an army of Brand Advocates; highly powerful and influential.


Every brand should have identified and built their brand against delivering against a fundamental human value. If you have not, we definitely need to chat. The brand purpose is why your brand exists and the consumer value it will deliver. A brand’s purpose not only guides the organization, the product and the strategic choices, it also has to be manifested in all its executions. It is not your Vision nor your Mission.