At YBG Ventures we focus on strategically driving your brand’s growth. Marketing a brand is more than fantastic creative (although we do that too). We define Brand Marketing as “the creation, delivery and communication of value that deeply engages a strategic target audience to interact with a Brand and generate profitable business growth.”
This is what we do.

We work with you as your team (or part of) to build your brand business. Whether it’s with your team or as your team we:

  • Recommend, develop, manage and/or analyze target audience research to uncover brand building Actionable Insights.

  • Help you uncover your Brand’s Purpose (it’s reason why). This drives your Brand Positioning, Brand Equity, Brand Character, Brand Performance Equities, Brand Concept and Brand Tagline. We call this document the Brand Prism.

  • Work with you or your team to understand where you stand versus competition (deeper SWOT Analysis) as well as understand the strategic capabilities required to profitably deliver your brand business objectives and goals (Brand Competencies Schematic).

  • Develop or hone your Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas (depending on stage of your brand). Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual depiction of a Brand’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances to align brand go-to-market activities.

  • Develop or hone Pricing and Value strategies as well as work with your finance team on financial modeling or proforma development.

  • Develop or hone your Brand’s OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures); the basis for strategic planning and execution. It aligns the leaders to the objective of the company, links key strategies to the financial goals, and bring visibility and accountability to the work of improving the capabilities of the company.

  • (Particularly for start-ups) Work with you to develop your Business Plans and Investor Presentations enabling you to secure Bank or Investor funding.

  • Create Sales and Marketing Strategies, Social and Digital Media Strategies, Creative and Communication Strategies leading to 12 month Marketing Plans, 90 Day Social and Digital Plans.