Why Your Business Could Use a Brand Purpose

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Whether you’re a startup, a successful small business or any business for that matter, you probably developed a mission and/or vision for your company. You certainly identified a consumer problem and then developed a solution to that problem. However, does your brand have a purpose? Are you delivering and communicating that purpose?

Purpose Drives Confidence in Strategy and Connection

Jim Stengel's Ideal Tree

According to Jim Stengel, “Every business in the world has a potential growth-driving ideal at its center.” Your purpose isn’t your mission, nor is it your vision, it’s your brand’s very essence; it’s the reason you decided to pursue your dream; and it’s what makes you truly different from others. So why purpose?
Purpose lays the foundation to everything your business will do; it drives clarity and understanding; it makes decision making easier; and it enables your business to strategize confidently in order to grow.

Deliver and Communicate Your Brand’s Value

No matter your industry, you always have competition and your market is constantly changing. New trends emerge, we develop new technology, consumers’ wants and needs shift, but in the end, where does your company stand in the hearts and minds of its consumers? Brand purpose fuels your brand’s connection and provides your business with an internal blueprint that guides new hires, contractors and outside agencies. It keeps your business’s strategic choices and innovation plans connected to the very reason you created your business. It enables your business to connect to individuals on a deeper level than your competition, and ultimately, allows your business to disrupt the marketplace.

Brand purpose is your business’s constant

Why brand purpose? It is the one thing that always stays constant when you develop new strategies, new consumer offerings, new communication pieces (e.g. newsletter, social posts, promotional handouts, website pages) – anything and everything that interacts with the consumer. It gives you the ability to easily adapt to changing market conditions, and constantly drive the same message to consumers.
Yes, brand purpose is the driving force behind the top brands in the S&P 500, and it’s the second step in the YBG Ventures process to take startups and small businesses, both local and regional, to the next level of growth.

Our Brand Blueprint

We’ve developed a Brand Blueprint that guides you through our Blueprint Process. You can download the template here.

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